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I'm Katie! I'm an Atlanta transplant by way of Birmingham who is having a ball exploring this city with my new-ish husband, Blake. This is a snapshot of what I'm up to and thinking and wanting.
By day I'm a social media gal in my mid-twenties. As soon as I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up it became obsolete. Instead of writing for a newspaper I get to write here. I love wine, pizza, my English bulldog, Alabama football, Diet Coke, and goals.

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Half Marathon Training/ 10 Miler Recap

Wanted to do a quick recap of the way yesterday’s race went so I can remember how much I enjoyed it for next year when I waffle on signing up. I have the world’s most intense case of FOMO when it comes to college football (I mean, there’s only so many games a year!) so of COURSE we went to Tuscaloosa to watch Alabama cream Tennessee on Saturday. This put us driving the 3.5 hours back during killer post-game traffic. After sitting through that + getting my race bib from my friend who picked it up, I rolled into bed at close to 1:30 AM with my alarm set for 5:30 AM. So, setting myself up great with a grand total of 4 hours of sleep.

Once I was up and moving and on my way to the race I was SUPER awake, though, because I had to jog the 1.5 miles from the end of the race (where I parked) to the beginning of the 10 miler (which started at mile 16.2 of the full marathon so we could all end together.) It was COLD. I had a couple of goals in my head about the race beforehand that I kept running through my mind while we waited to start. They were:

A. Finish under 2:10

B. Finish under 2:20

C. Finish 

I wasn’t sure how fast I’d feel like I could go in the cold with little rest, especially as I was still trying to treat this as a long run rather than a race, thus the slower finisher goal times. I knew my A goal would be my ideal pace for my half in order to finish the half around 2:45 (which would be a 30 minute PR for me and is what I’m shooting for next month.) 

Atlanta is HILLY which was nice during the first mile where we coasted down a huge downhill for almost the entire mile, but not so great at mile 7 when we had to battle Cardiac Hill that I had already trudged up in July during the Peachtree. The course support was great – I felt like there was water and Powerade almost every mile, the mile markers were clearly posted and had the time for the 10 miler specifically, and they had groups from Atlanta adopt one of each miles of the marathon, which meant there were cheering fun people every mile. Overall I loved the race, and at one point I felt so good that I though I could break 2:00, but I realized that may be a bit much given my training. Ended up crossing the finish line in 2:06:08 and was super pleased to beat my A goal by almost 4 minutes and with minimal soreness and a lot less pain and aggravation than during my 8.5 mile run two weeks ago. 

It also felt awesome to mark off my goal of running 10 miles (I’m SO bad about skipping the longest run or two during training) and of wrapping up a strong week of training. I had 20 miles of running and 9 miles of walking last week for a total of 29 miles, my largest number of weekly miles during this training cycle. I’m going to take a rest day today and look to do 3 runs this week for around 10 miles as well as an 11 mile long run Sunday and a few miles of walking each day. I should finish October with around 88-90 total miles of walking and running this month, with 50 of those as running miles. Compared to September’s 45 total miles, that’s a great improvement. 

Today marks exactly one month until the Thanksgiving half marathon, and I’m set to do an 11 mile run this weekend, then a 8-9 mile run the next, and then I’ll get back to mostly 4-5-6 mile runs as I taper. Looking to get in a total of 50 - 60 miles running before the 13.1 on race day to finish out strong.

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