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I'm Katie! I'm an Atlanta transplant by way of Birmingham who is having a ball exploring this city with my new-ish husband, Blake. This is a snapshot of what I'm up to and thinking and wanting.
By day I'm a social media gal in my mid-twenties. As soon as I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up it became obsolete. Instead of writing for a newspaper I get to write here. I love wine, pizza, my English bulldog, Alabama football, Diet Coke, and goals.

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Training Update:

10 mile race is 18 days away. (Gulp.) Longest training run so far has been 7 miles last week. Looking to fit in my long run of 8 miles tomorrow, then 9 miles next week, and then I’ll be treating the 10 mile race as a long run in my half marathon training. I need to do better about fitting in my shorter runs, which will be a priority over the next month and a half before tapering for the half starts. My pace from my 7 mile run is only about 30 seconds off from what I’d love my half pace to be. At least the weather is gorgeous for running lately so I can work to whittle that down a bit before Thanksgiving. 7 weeks and 1 day until the half. It’s time to buckle down. 

This week’s plan:

Wednesday - Run 3-4 miles before my appointment at the Apple store

Thursday - Run 8 miles (say some prayers for me as I do this alone)

Friday - Try to fit in a Pure Barre class 

Saturday - Run 3.1 miles (local 5K race) and Pure Barre

Sunday - Yoga and a long walk on the Beltline

Monday - Run 5 miles (day off from work means no excuse for not getting a bit of a middle-long run in)

Tuesday - Pure Barre

Wednesday - Run 3.5 miles

If I hit all my required runs by October 27’s 10 miler, then I think I’m going to go ahead and get the long pants above to try running in them for a longer distance in case it is cooler for the half. (I know myself and myself says that having rewards for goals that are things works pretty well for me.)

The long sleeve top is another goal piece if I can hit my goal time for the 10 mile race. Then I can try it on a long run or two and see if it is too warm for the half or not. Just trying to be prepared (and look fly while I drag ass across the finish line.) 

Dream half marathon outfit: Full Tilt LS and Can’t Stop Pants

Dream half marathon weather: clearly chillier than it will probably be in Atlanta in late November

Also, I spent got $60 worth of socks (thank goodness for coupons and discounts to bring it down to 35 American dollars for SIX MEASLY PAIRS of running socks) so I better not get one more blister (well, after I get new shoes in the next few weeks.) 

  1. thekeevster said: Kohls has running socks plus tons of coupons! Also, I ‘ve bought good ones at TJ Maxx
  2. kmhalley said: Invest in some capris rather than the long pants! It’s rarely cold enough to warrant both pants and a long sleeved top while running in Atlanta.
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