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I'm Katie! I'm an Atlanta transplant by way of Birmingham who is having a ball exploring this city with my new-ish husband, Blake. This is a snapshot of what I'm up to and thinking and wanting.
By day I'm a social media gal in my mid-twenties. As soon as I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up it became obsolete. Instead of writing for a newspaper I get to write here. I love wine, pizza, my English bulldog, Alabama football, Diet Coke, and goals.

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Monday Check-In

Obsessing over: My new Gap sweater that I want to wear all day, every day, since it is grey and rainy (but still 80 degrees outside) with ridiculous zebra scarf number one. Other shopping related obsessions include my new Banana bag and tracking the shipping on all the other treats I ordered on pay day Friday. (No more shopping til next week - I mean it!)

Working on: Sending out 223 pairs of flip flops from a work contest and getting everything set to launch another contest this afternoon. This week is pretty hectic at work thanks to National Flip Flop Day.

Thinking about: How glad I am that I got some good groceries from TJ’s yesterday, as well as some household crap from Target like TP and paper towels and a broom (gross, we’ve been living for a month without one) that I tend to put off. We also unpacked the last two boxes of food in the kitchen so we no longer look like squatting hobos who just carry our food around in tubs from place to place. I love nothing more than resting and boozing on the weekends, but it’s nice to fit a little productivity in there. 

Anticipating: Hitting up a spin class (hopefully with this pretty lady!) tonight and hitting all my workout goals this week before the first 5K of this training schedule on Saturday!

Listening to: The sound of my office mate and my space heaters whirring while counting down how long it will take before they trip the fuses today. (We’re averaging 3-5 power surges a day from these bad boys.)

Drinking: My morning Diet Dr. Pepper while trying to decide when is an appropriate time to have my morning snack that I am way too excited about (Babybel and pita crackers)

Wishing for: energy, motivation, and some productivity for today. Also wishing for Brooke to return and gchat with me all day because all her vacations these past three weeks have really messed with my gchat flow. 

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